Flemming Andersen

Professor of Practice

Image of Flemming Andersen

Office: 527A HRBB
Phone: 979.845.3510

Research Interests

  • Formal Methods and Verification

  • Distributed Computing and Security

  • Concurrency

  • Programming languages

  • Semantics

  • Compilers

  • Databases

  • Theorem Proving

  • Model checking

  • Higher Order Logic


  • Ph.D. Computer Science, A Theorem Prover for UNITY in Higher Order Logic, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark, 1995
  • M.Sc. EE., A Formal Model of Pascal Plus - and its Realization, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark, 1983

Selected Publications

Jesse Bingham, John Erickson, Gaurav Singh, Flemming Andersen. Industrial Strength Refinement Checking. FMCAD, 2009.

Kris Tiri, Onur Aciicmez, Michael Neve de Mevergnies, Flemming Andersen. An Analytical Model for Time-Driven Attacks. International Association for Cryptologic Research, 2007.

Rebekah Leslie, Levent Erkök, Flemming Andersen. Formalizing Information Flow in a Haskell Hypervisor. Published at MIKES, 2007.

Jason Baumgartner, Anson Tripp, Adnan Aziz, Vigyan Singhal, Flemming Andersen. An Abstraction Algorithm for the Verification of Generalized C-Slow Designs. Published at CAV, 2000.

Flemming Andersen, Kim Dam Petersen, and Jimmi S. Pettersson. A Graphical Tool for Proving UNITY Progress, pages 17–33. LNCS 859. Springer–Verlag, 1994.

P. Pistor and F. Andersen. Designing a Generalized NF2 Model with an SQL-like Interface. In VLDB 86, Kyoto, pages 278–288, August 1986.