Requirements for Computer Science Minor

Fall 2008 to Present (Catalog 131)

Lower level phase 

Approval from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering is not required to take the classes listed in the lower level phase.

  • MATH 151, MATH 152, ENGL 104, CSCE 121, CSCE 221 (must have a 2.75 GPR in these classes as well as a 2.75 TAMU GPR overall).
  • CSCE 222 (CSCE 222 is a co-requisite for CSCE 221).

Upper level phase:

Approval from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering is required before the student takes these classes. To apply for approval for upper division classes, visit an advisor in 325 TEAG.

  • CSCE 312
  • Either CSCE 313 or CSCE 314

Additional requirements and information:

  • The student must receive a grade of C or better in all classes on this list. This requirement is in addition to the 2.75 GPR for the specified lower level phase classes.
  • Students majoring in Computer Engineering (both tracks—CECN and CEEN) will not be allowed to minor in Computer Science. This is because the coursework for the minor already is required for Computer Engineering majors.
  • Note that CSCE 121 has a prerequisite of a previous programming class: one year high school or one semester college.  The course can be in any programming language such as Java, C++, etc.  The previous programming class requirement will be met by ENGR 111 and ENGR 112 taken in the common engineering track.  Students also may take CSCE 111 to satisfy this prerequisite.
  • For students who took previous versions of ENGR 112, the requirement for CSCE 121 can be satisfied by taking ENGR 112 (B track only) and CSCE 113. The requirement for CSCE 222 can be satisfied by taking MATH 302 or MATH 220. The requirement for CSCE 312 can be satisfied by taking ECEN 248 and CSCE/ECEN 350. The requirement for C or better grades holds for these classes as well.
  • Students should complete the lower level requirements for the minor before applying to have it entered in their academic record. However, students are encouraged to consult with our department's academic advisors at any point in the process.