Abedi _sara _01-2015

Sara Abedi

Assistant Professor
Petroleum Engineering
Joint Faculty

Office: RICH 401L
Phone: 979.845.2920
Email: sara.abedi@tamu.edu

Image of David Allen

David Allen

Adjunct Professor

Office: 503F DLEB
Phone: 979.458.8593
Email: drdavidhallen@hotmail.com

Image of Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson

Zachry Chair in Construction Integration
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Management

Office: 801B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.2407
Email: stuarta@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Bob Appleton

Robert Appleton

Associate Professor of Practice
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 108E DLEB
Phone: 979.458.8217
Email: bob_appleton@tamu.edu

Image of Charles Aubeny

Charles Aubeny


Office: 808P DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4478
Email: caubeny@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Robin Autenrieth

Robin Autenrieth

Department Head
A.P. and Florence Wiley Professor III

Office: 201 DLEB
Phone: 979.845.2438
Email: rautenrieth@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Katherine Banks

M. Katherine Banks

Vice Chancellor and Dean of Engineering
Director, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
University Distinguished Professor
Harold J. Haynes Dean’s Chair Professor

Office: 230 EASM (Eastmark)
Phone: 979.845.1321
Email: k-banks@tamu.edu

Image of Luciana Barroso

Luciana Barroso

Director of Undergraduate Programs
Associate Professor

Office: 705D DLEB
Phone: 979.845.0290
Email: lbarroso@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Bill Batchelor

Bill Batchelor

Senior Professor

Office: 404D DLEB
Phone: 979.845.1304
Email: bill-batchelor@tamu.edu

Image of Anna Birely

Anna Birely

Assistant Professor

Office: 710F DLEB
Phone: 979.862.6603
Email: abirely@civil.tamu.edu

Birgisson Web

Bjorn Birgisson

TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: 503E DLEB
Phone: 979.845.6039
Email: bjorn.birgisson@tamu.edu

Image of Joseph Bracci

Joseph Bracci


Office: 702B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.3750
Email: bracci@civil.tamu.edu

Michael Brackin

Instructional Assistant Professor
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 710G DLEB
Email: mbrackin@tamu.edu

Image of Jean-Louis Briaud

Jean-Louis Briaud

Distinguished Professor
Spencer J. Buchanan Chair Professor
Regents Fellow
Director, National Geotechnical Experimentation Site

Office: 808Q DLEB
Phone: 979.845.3795
Email: briaud@tamu.edu

Image of Kelly Brumbelow

Kelly Brumbelow

Associate Professor
Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Programs

Office: 201B DLEB
Phone: 979.862.7633
Email: kbrumbelow@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Mark Burris

Mark Burris

Herbert D. Kelleher Professor

Office: 301B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9875
Email: mburris@tamu.edu

Image of Anthony Cahill

Anthony Cahill

Associate Professor
Director of Freshmen Engineering Program

Office: 410E DLEB
Phone: 979.862.3858
Email: tcahill@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Minsu Cha

Minsu Cha

Assistant Professor

Office: 808W DLEB
Phone: 979.862.5660
Email: mcha@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Kuang-An Chang

Kuang-An Chang


Office: 304B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4504
Email: kchang@civil.tamu.edu


Shankar Chellam

J. Walter “Deak” Porter ’22 & James W. “Bud” Porter ’51 Professor

Office: 402E DLEB
Phone: 979.458.5914
Email: chellam@tamu.edu

Chia-Rong Chen

Adjunct Professor

Email: crchen3e8@gmail.com

Image of Hamn-Ching Chen

Hamn-Ching Chen

A.P. and Florence Wiley Professor I

Office: 304C DLEB
Phone: 979.847.9468
Email: hcchen@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Timothy Chinn

Timothy Chinn

Professor of Practice
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 201N DLEB
Phone: 979.862.8375
Email: tchinn@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Kung-Hui Chu

Kung-Hui Chu

Associate Professor

Office: 402A DLEB
Phone: 979.845.1403
Email: kchu@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Ivan Damnjanovic

Ivan Damnjanovic

Associate Professor
J.L. “Corky” Frank/Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Faculty Fellow

Office: 808K DLEB
Phone: 979.862.6616
Email: idamnjanovic@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Peter England

Peter England

Instructional Associate Professor
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 214 DLEB
Phone: 979.845.6836
Email: peter.england@tamu.edu

Image of Amy Epps Martin

Amy Epps Martin


Office: 501A DLEB
Phone: 979.862.1750
Email: a-eppsmartin@tamu.edu

Jon Epps

Visiting Professor
Transportation Engineering

Office: 310C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.7025
Email: j-epps@tamu.edu

Image of David Ford

David Ford

Holder of the Beavers Charitable Trust/William F. Urban ’41 Professorship in Construction Engineering and Management

Office: 808I DLEB
Phone: 979.845.3759
Email: dford@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Gary Fry

Gary Fry

Adjunct Associate Professor

Email: garyfry@tamu.edu

Image of Huilin Gao

Huilin Gao

Assistant Professor

Office: 410A DLEB
Phone: 979.845.2875
Email: hgao@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Nasir Gharaibeh

Nasir Gharaibeh

Associate Professor
Division Head, Transportation & Materials Engineering
Holder of the Zachry Career Development Professorship I in Civil Engineering

Office: 501H DLEB
Phone: 979.845.3362
Email: ngharaibeh@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Zachary Grasley

Zachary Grasley

Presidential Impact Fellow
Director, Center for Infrastructure Renewal

Office: 503B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9965
Email: zgrasley@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Gene Hawkins

Gene Hawkins


Office: 301C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9946
Email: gene.hawkins@tamu.edu

Image of MaryBeth Hueste

Mary Beth Hueste


Office: 705H DLEB
Phone: 979.845.1940
Email: mhueste@tamu.edu

Image of Stefan Hurlebaus

Stefan Hurlebaus

Division Head, Construction, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Division

Office: 705L DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9570
Email: shurlebaus@civil.tamu.edu

Richard Hutchinson

Richard Hutchinson

Instructional Assistant Professor
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 216 DLEB
Email: rhutch@tamu.edu

Image of Harry Jones

Harry Jones

Senior Professor
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 710E DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4304
Email: h-jones@tamu.edu

Image of James Kaihatu

James Kaihatu

Associate Professor
Assistant Department Head for Research

Office: 310D DLEB
Phone: 979.862.3511
Email: jkaihatu@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Lufthansa Kanta

Lufthansa Kanta

Instructional Assistant Professor
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 405H DLEB
Email: lkanta@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Peter Keating

Peter Keating

Associate Professor
Director, C.E. High-Bay Structural & Materials Testing Laboratory

Office: 710C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9969
Email: keating@civil.tamu.edu

Kim, Moo-Hyun

Moo-Hyun Kim

Director, Ocean System Simulation and Control Lab

Office: HEB 139D
Phone: 979.847.8710
Email: m-kim3@tamu.edu

Koliou Web

Maria Koliou

Assistant Professor

Office: 705C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4469
Email: maria.koliou@tamu.edu

Image of Dallas Little

Dallas Little

Snead Chair Professor and Regents Professor

Office: 501G DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9847
Email: d-little@tamu.edu


Mara London

Instructional Associate Professor
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 404E DLEB
Phone: 979.458.3115
Email: mlondon@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Dominique Lord

Dominique Lord


Office: 301A DLEB
Phone: 979.458.3949
Email: d-lord@tamu.edu

Image of Lee Lowery

Lee Lowery


Office: 705E DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4395
Email: lowery@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Robert Lytton

Robert Lytton

Benson Chair Professor

Office: 503A DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9964
Email: r-lytton@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Xingmao "Samuel" Ma

Xingmao "Samuel" Ma

Associate Professor

Office: 405F DLEB
Phone: 979.862.1772
Email: xma@civil.tamu.edu

Image of John Mander

John Mander

Zachry Professor in Design and Construction Integration I

Office: 701A DLEB
Phone: 979.862.8078
Email: jmander@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Eyad Masad

Eyad Masad

Zachry Professor in Design and Construction Integration II
Vice Dean at Texas A&M University at Qatar

Office: 501C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.8308
Email: emasad@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Zenon Medina-Cetina

Zenon Medina-Cetina

Associate Professor

Office: 808S DLEB
Phone: 979.845.6567
Email: zmedina@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Richard Mercier

Richard Mercier

Shell Director, Offshore Technology Research Center

Office: 310C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.6000
Email: rsmercier@tamu.edu

Image of Gretchen Miller

Gretchen Miller

Associate Professor

Office: 402D DLEB
Phone: 979.862.2581
Email: gmiller@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Rabi Mohtar

Rabi Mohtar

TEES Endowed Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Joint Faculty

Office: 401B DLEB
Phone: 979.458.9780
Email: mohtar@tamu.edu

Ali mostafavi

Ali Mostafavi

Assistant Professor

Office: 808D DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4856
Email: amostafavi@civil.tamu.edu

James Nelson

James Nelson

Professor of Instruction
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Director of Special Academic Initiatives, Texas A&M University System
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 301 Tarrow Street, Room 271
Phone: 979.862.9157
Email: jknelson@tamu.edu

Image of John Niedzwecki

John Niedzwecki

Cain '13 Chair
Regents Professor

Office: 709A DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4707
Email: j-niedzwecki@tamu.edu

Image of Arash Noshadravan

Arash Noshadravan

Research Assistant Professor

Office: 702C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.2449
Email: noshadravan@tamu.edu

Image of Francisco Olivera

Francisco Olivera

Associate Professor

Office: 404F DLEB
Phone: 979.845.1404
Email: folivera@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Jeffrey Otey

Jeffrey Otey

Instructional Assistant Professor
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 213 DLEB
Phone: 979.845.1648
Email: j-otey@tamu.edu

Stephanie Paal

Stephanie Paal

Assistant Professor

Office: 710A DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4394
Email: spaal@civil.tamu.edu

Les Pittman

Les Pittman

Associate Professor of Practice
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 201N DLEB
Phone: 979.862.8375
Email: lwpittman74@tamu.edu

Image of Luca Quadrifoglio

Luca Quadrifoglio

Associate Professor

Office: 301I DLEB
Phone: 979.458.4171
Email: lquadrifoglio@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Kumbakonam Rajagopal

Kumbakonam Rajagopal

J.M Forsyth Chair
Regents Professor
Distinguished Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Joint Faculty

Office: 525 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.4552
Email: krajagopal@tamu.edu

Image of J.N. Reddy

J.N. Reddy

Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Chair
Regents Professor
Distinguished Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Joint Faculty

Office: 404 MEOB
Phone: 979.862.2417
Email: jnreddy@tamu.edu

Rodriguez-Iturbe, Ignacio

Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe

Distinguished University Professor
Distinguished TEES Research Professor
Ocean Engineering
Joint Faculty

Office: 139B HEB
Email: irodriguez@ocen.tamu.edu

Alton Rogers

Alton Rogers

Associate Professor of Practice
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 201N DLEB
Phone: 979.862.8375

Image of Maryam Sakhaeifar

Maryam Sakhaeifar

Assistant Professor

Office: 501E DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9961
Email: msakhaeifar@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Marcelo Sanchez

Marcelo Sanchez


Office: 808U DLEB
Phone: 979.862.6604
Email: msanchez@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Jessica Scarfuto

Jessica Scarfuto

Assistant Lecturer
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 215 DLEB
Email: jscarfuto@civil.tamu.edu

Petros Sideris

Petros Sideris

Assistant Professor

Office: 710B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.2708
Email: petros.sideris@tamu.edu

Image of Scott Socolofsky

Scott Socolofsky

Division Head, Environmental, Water Resources, & Coastal Engineering

Office: 309I DLEB
Phone: 979.845.4517
Email: socolofsky@tamu.edu

A. Talebpour

Alireza Talebpour

Assistant Professor

Office: 303D DLEB
Phone: 979.845.0875
Email: atalebpour@tamu.edu


John Tracy

Director, TWRI

Phone: 979.862.7221
Email: john.tracy@ag.tamu.edu

Image of John Walewski

John Walewski

Associate Professor of Practice
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 802D DLEB
Phone: 979.862.5673
Email: jwalewski@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Bruce Wang

Xiubin "Bruce" Wang

Associate Professor

Office: 303C DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9901
Email: bwang@civil.tamu.edu

Wolf, Chuck

Charles Wolf

Professor of Practice
Academic Professional Track Faculty

Office: 808G DLEB
Phone: 979.458.3359
Email: chuck.wolf@tamu.edu

Image of Ralph Wurbs

Ralph Wurbs

Senior Professor

Office: 410B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.3079
Email: r-wurbs@tamu.edu

Yarnold Web

Matthew Yarnold

Assistant Professor

Office: 702D DLEB
Phone: 979.862.5659
Email: myarnold@tamu.edu

Image of Qi Ying

Qi Ying

Associate Professor

Office: 411B DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9709
Email: qying@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Yunlong Zhang

Yunlong Zhang

Assistant Department Head for Graduate Programs

Office: 101D, 301G DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9902
Email: yzhang@civil.tamu.edu

Image of Dan Zollinger

Dan Zollinger


Office: 501D DLEB
Phone: 979.845.9918
Email: d-zollinger@tamu.edu