M. Nazmul Karim

Department Head - Professor

Holder of the T. Michael O'Connor Chair II


Office: 255 CHEN
Phone: 979.845.9806
Fax: 979.845.3266
Email: nazkarim@tamu.edu

Research Website

Research Interests

  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Control & Optimization of Chemical and Bio-Processes
  • Bio-Fuels Production Using Recombinant Microorganisms
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Design & Production of Glycol-Proteins in CHO Cell Culture
  • Diabetic & Cardiovascular Diseases

Awards & Honors

  • Holder of the Michael O’Connor Chair II
  • Finalist, Fulbright Distinguished Chair position in Renewable Energy, Chalmers University, Sweden, 2008.
  • Best Teacher Award, Colorado State University, 2004 – 2005
  • Elected, Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2001
  • Abell Faculty Research and Graduate Program Support Award (Best Research Award in the College), College of Engineering, Colorado State University, 1997
  • Member, Third World Academy of Sciences (Lectureship), Trieste, Italy, 1994- present
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, International Center for Cooperative Research in Biotechnology, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, 1994/95
  • BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) Visiting Research Fellow (U.K.), 1995


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, U.K., (1977)
  • M.S., Control Engineering, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, U.K., (1972)
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, (1972)

Selected Publications

Peri, S., M. L. Muthukumar, M. N. Karim, and R. S. Khare. 2012. Dynamics of Cello-oligosaccharides on Cellulose Crystal Surface. Cellulose (accepted).

Koh Y. P.,M. N. Karim, and S.L. Simon. 2012. Heterogeneous Reaction Kinetics of Epoxide-Functionalized Regenerated Cellulose Membrane and Aliphatic Amine. Thermochimica Acta, 543: 18– 23.

Alim D., J. Kim, R. H. McLean, S. A.Vanapalli, and M. N.Karim. 2012. Growth kinetics of microalgae in microfluidic static droplet array, Biotechnol. Bioengineering,published online: 18 JUN 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/bit.24568

Aldrich, J. F., E. W. Winn, M. H. Shearer1,P.Qin, M. N. Karim, and R. C. Kennedy. 2011.Progress on the Development of Universal Influenza Vaccines, Current Topics in Virology, 9: 51-58.

Nallasivam U., S. Babji, K. Vidyashankar, M. N. Karim and R. Rengaswamy. 2011. Global ARX Identification with Guaranteed Stability Using a Bilinear Reformulation. Transaction Automatic Control, 56(6): 1406-1411.

Peiyong Qin, Jie Yang, and M. Nazmul Karim. 2011 Characterization and selectivity studies of molecular imprinted membranes of Puerarin using scanning electron microscopy, Scanning, 33(1): 7-12.

Suma Peri, M. Nazmul Karim, and Rajesh Khare. 2011. Potential of Mean Force for Separation of the Repeating Units in Cellulose and Hemicellulose. Carbohydrate Research, 346 (6): 867–871

Seunghyun Ryu and Muhammad Nazmul Karim. 2011. A whole cell biocatalyst for cellulosic ethanol production from dilute acid-pretreated corn stover hydrolyzates. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology,91(3) :529-542

Karra S, Sager B, Karim MN.2010. Multi-Scale Modeling of Heterogeneities in Mammalian Cell Culture Processes.Industrial & Engr Chem Research, 49(17): 7990-8006.