Jodie Lutkenhaus

Assistant Professor

William and Ruth Neely Faculty Fellowship

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Office: 218 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.2682
Fax: 979.845.6446

Research Website

Research Interests

Dr. Lutkenhaus's research interests focus on designing organic thin films and nanostructures to enable the development of novel organic energy systems and smart-coatings. Areas of investigation include learning how polymer thin films behave in confinement; fabrication of polymer nanowires and nanotubules; polyelectrolytes and layer-by-layer assembly; designing lithium-ion battery electrode and electrolyte materials; and understanding electrochemical processes within these materials.

Awards & Honors

  • Montague CTE Scholar Award, 2014-2015
  • George Armistead, Jr. ’23 Faculty Excellence Teaching Award 2014
  • AFOSR YIP 2013
  • TEES Select Young Faculty 2012
  • NSF CAREER 2011
  • ACS PRF Doctoral New Investigator 2011


  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007
  • B.S., University of Texas at Austin, 2002

Selected Publications

Jared Mike and Jodie L. Lutkenhaus, ““Advances in Conjugated PolymericElectrodes for Organic Energy Storage,” Accepted to Journal of PolymerScience Part B: Polymer Physics.

Ajay Vidyasagar, Choonghyun Sung, Kristen Losensky, and Jodie L. Lutkenhaus. “pH-Dependent Thermal Transitions in Hydrated Layer-by-Layer Assemblies Containing Weak Polyelectrolytes,”Macromolecules 2012, 45 (22),9169-9176.

A. Vidyasagar, C. Sung, R. Gamble, and J. L. Lutkenhaus, “ThermalTransitions in Dry and Hydrated Layer-by-Layer Assemblies Exhibiting Linear and Exponential Growth.” ACS Nano 2012 6 (7), 6174-84.

C. Sung, A. Vidyasagar, K. Hearn, and J. L. Lutkenhaus, “The Effect of Thickness on the Thermal Properties of Hydrogen-Bonded LbLAssemblies.” Langmuir 2012 28 (21), 8100–8109.

Zhang, L.; Vidyasagar, A.; Lutkenhaus, J. L. “Fabrication and Applications of Layer-by-Layer Micro- and Nanotubes.” Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 2012, 17(2), 114-121.

L. Shao, J.-W. Jeon, J. L. Lutkenhaus. “Polyaniline/vanadium pentoxidelayer-by-layer electrodes for energy storage.” Chemistry of Materials2012, 24(1), 181-189.

Majewski, P.; Gopinadhan, M.; Jang, W.-S.; Lutkenhaus, J. L.; Osuji, C. “Anisotropic ionic conductivity in block copolymer membranes by magnetic field alignment.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010, 132(49), 17516-17522.

Jang, W.-S.; Jensen, A. T.; Lutkenhaus, J. L.; “Confinement Effects on Cross-Linking within Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Assemblies Containing Poly(allylamine hydrochloride) and Poly(acrylic acid).” Macromolecules 2010, 43(22), 9473-9 .

Serghei, A.; Lutkenhaus, J. L.; Miranda, D. F.; McEnnis, K.; Kremer, F.; Russell, T. P.; “Density fluctuations and phase transitions of ferroelectric polymer nanowires.” Small 2010, 6, 1822.

Lutkenhaus, J. L.; McEnnis, K. E.; Serghei, A.; Russell, T. P., “Confinement Effects on Piezoelectric Properties of Polyvinylidene fluoride – co – trifluoroethylene.” Macromolecules 2010, 43(8), 3844-3850.