Kenneth Hall

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Director TEES Division - TAMUQ

Hall, Kenneth

Office: Qatar 253D
Phone: +974 4423-0013

Research Interests

Dr. Hall has 45 years of experience in the field of experimental and theoretical thermodynamics emphasizing fluid properties. His laboratory has produced a majority of the high-quality data that exist in the literature covering natural gas components and their mixtures. His experience with various apparatus include: Burnett apparatus, isochoric apparatus, pyncnometers, calorimeters, differential properties, mixture construction, magnetic suspension densimeters, high pressures (up to 200 MPa), temperatures ranging from 100 to 500 K. His theoretical studies have included: equations of state, mixing rules, vapor pressure equations, new techniques to calculate phase boundaries, property prediction correlations. In addition to thermodynamic properties, he has worked on orifice flow measurement, statistical interpretation of data, causal allocation costs to joint products before breakout, gas-to-liquid technology, biofuels production.