Micah Green

Associate Professor

Nancy and Dan Zivney '73 Faculty Fellow


Office: 202 CHEN
Phone: 979.862.1588

Research Website
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

·  Dispersion, rheology, & dynamics of colloidal nanomaterials
·  Coarse-grained molecular simulations
·  Nanocomposite processing
·  Nanomaterial characterization and biological interactions

Awards & Honors

  • TEES Young Faculty Fellow Award, 2017
  • DuPont Young Faculty Award, 2014
  • Lockheed - Martin Undergraduate Engineering Education Award, 2013
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2012
  • Whitacre Research Award, 2012 - 2013
  • Young Investigator Award, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, 2011


  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aug. 2007
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University, May 2002

Selected Publications

Sweeney, C.B., Lackey, B.A., Pospisil, M.J., Achee, T.C., Moran, A.G., Hicks, V.K., Teipel, B.R., Saed, M.A., Green, M.J., “Welding of 3D Printed Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites by Locally Induced Microwave Heating,” Science Advances, 3, e1700262 (2017)

Shah, S.A., Habib, T., Gao, H., Gao, P., Sun, W., Green, M.J., Radovic, M., “Template-free 3D titanium carbide (Ti3C2Tx) MXene particles crumpled by capillary forces,” Chem. Comm. (2017) 53, 400 - 403 3.

Parviz, D., Irin, F., Shah, S.A., Das, S., Sweeney, C.B., Green, M.J., “Challenges in liquid phase exfoliation, processing and assembly of pristine graphene,” Advanced Materials, (2016) 28, 8796-8818

Habib, T., Sundaravadiveludevarajan, D., Khabaz, F., Parviz, D., Achee, T.C., Khare, R., Green, M.J., “Co-solvents as liquid surfactants for boron nitride nanosheet (BNNS) dispersions,” Langmuir, (2016) 32, 11591–11599

Parviz, D., Metzler, S.D., Das, S., Irin, F., Green, M.J., “Tailored crumpling and unfolding of spray-dried pristine graphene and graphene oxide sheets,” Small, 11, 2661-2668, (2015, cover article)