Image of Mustafa Akbulut

Mustafa Akbulut

Assistant Professor

Office: 230 BRWN
Phone: 979.847.8766
Email: mustafa.akbulut@chemail.tamu.edu

Balbuena Web

Perla Balbuena


Holder of the GPSA Professorship

Office: 240 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3375
Email: balbuena@tamu.edu

Image of Dragomir Bukur

Dragomir Bukur


Holder of the Joe M. Nesbitt Professorship

Office: 217 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3401
Email: d-bukur@tamu.edu

Image of Zhilei Chen

Zhilei Chen

Assistant Professor

Office: 242 BRWN
Phone: 979.862.1610
Email: zchen4@tamu.edu


Zhengdong Cheng

Associate Professor

Office: 202 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3413
Email: cheng@chemail.tamu.edu


Yossef Elabd


Office: 214 BRWN
Phone: 979-845-7506
Email: elabd@tamu.edu

Image of Mahmoud El Halwagi

Mahmoud El-Halwagi


Holder of the McFerrin Professorship

Office: 230 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3484
Email: el-halwagi@tamu.edu


Christodoulos A. Floudas

Director Texas A&M Energy Institute

Chair Professor

Office: Joining the Dept. in Feb. 2015
Email: cafloudas@tamu.edu

Image of Charles Glover

Charles Glover


Associate Department Head

Office: 232 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3389
Email: c-glover@tamu.edu


Micah Green

Associate Professor

Office: 202 BRWN
Email: micah.green@tamu.edu


Kenneth R. Hall

Regents Professor

Holder of the Jack E. Frances Brown Chair

Office: 203 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3357
Email: krhall@tamu.edu


Faruque Hasan

Assistant Professor

Office: 241 BRWN
Phone: 979.862.1449
Email: hasan@tamu.edu

Image of James Holste

James Holste


Office: 210 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3384
Email: j-holste@tamu.edu

Image of Mark Holtzapple

Mark Holtzapple


Office: 231 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.9708
Email: m-holtzapple@tamu.edu

Image of Arul Jayaraman

Arul Jayaraman


Holder of the Ray Nesbitt Professorship

Director of the Graduate Program

Office: 222 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3306
Email: arulj@tamu.edu


Hae-Kwon Jeong

Associate Professor

Graduate Recruitment Admissions Coordinator

Office: 233 BRWN
Phone: 979.862.4850
Email: jeong@chemail.tamu.edu

Image of Katy Kao

Katy Kao

Assistant Professor

Office: 212 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.5571
Email: kao.katy@mail.che.tamu.edu

Image of Nazmul Karim

M. Nazmul Karim

Department Head - Professor

Holder of the T. Michael O'Connor Chair II

Office: 255 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.9806
Email: nazkarim@che.tamu.edu

Kravaris, Costas

Costas Kravaris


Office: 236 BRWN
Phone: 979.458.4514
Email: kravaris@tamu.edu


Yue Kuo


Holder of the Dow Professorship

Office: 235 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.9807
Email: yuekuo@tamu.edu

Image of Jodie Lutkenhaus

Jodie Lutkenhaus

Assistant Professor

William and Ruth Neely Faculty Fellowship

Office: 218 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.2682
Email: jodie.lutkenhaus@che.tamu.edu

Image of Sam Mannan

Sam M. Mannan

Director MKO Process Safety Center

Regents Professor

Holder of the T. Michael O'Connor Chair I

Office: 246 BRWN
Phone: 979.862.3985
Email: mannan@tamu.edu


Chad Mashuga

Assistant Professor

Office: 205 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3339


Stratos Pistikopoulos

Chair Professor

Office: Joining the Dept. in Jan 2015
Email: stratos@tamu.edu

Image of Jorge Seminario

Jorge Seminario


Holder of the Lanatter & Herbert Fox Professorship

Office: 239 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.3301
Email: seminario@tamu.edu

Ugaz Web

Victor Ugaz

Associate Professor

Holder of the Kenneth R. Hall Development Professorship

Director of the Undergraduate Program

Office: 224 BRWN
Phone: 979.458.1002
Email: ugaz@tamu.edu

Image of Sreeram Vaddirju

Sreeram Vaddiraju

Assistant Professor

Office: 237 BRWN
Phone: 979.862.1615
Email: Sreeram.Vaddiraju@tamu.edu

Image of Ben Wilhite

Benjamin Wilhite

Associate Professor

Office: 226 BRWN
Phone: 979.845.0406
Email: benjamin.wilhite@che.tamu.edu

Image of Hung-Jen Wu

Hung-Jen Wu

Assistant Professor

Office: 225 BRWN
Phone: (979) 862-1454
Email: hjwu@mail.che.tamu.edu