Image of Nancy Amato

Nancy M. Amato

Unocal Professor, Regents Professor

Office: 425H HRBB
Phone: 979.862.2275
Email: amato@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Bettati

Riccardo Bettati


Office: 509C HRBB
Phone: 979.845.5469
Email: bettati@cse.tamu.edu


Karen Butler-Purry

Associate Provost for Graduate Studies
Interim Vice President of Research

Office: ADMN 312D
Phone: 979.845.3631
Email: klbutler@tamu.edu

Cantrell, Pierce Jr.

Pierce Cantrell, Jr.

Senior Associate Professor

Office: WEB 333D
Phone: 979.845.3179
Email: p-cantrell@tamu.edu

Image of James Caverlee

James Caverlee

Associate Professor

Office: 403 HRBB
Phone: 979.845.0537
Email: caverlee@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Jinxian Chai

Jinxiang Chai

Associate Professor

Email: jchai@tamu.edu


Jean-Francois Chamberland

Associate Department Head

Office: WEB 301RA
Phone: 979.845.6204
Email: chmbrlnd@tamu.edu


Gwan Choi

Associate Professor

Office: WEB 333G
Phone: 979.845.7486
Email: gwanchoi@tamu.edu

Image of Walter Daugherty

Walter Daugherity

Senior Lecturer

Office: 319A TEAG
Phone: 979.845.1308
Email: daugher@tamu.edu

Dougherty, Edward

Edward R. Dougherty

Robert M. Kennedy ’26 Chair Professor
Distinguished Professor

Office: WEB 214G
Phone: 979.862.8154
Email: e-dougherty@tamu.edu

Image of Richard Furuta

Richard Furuta

Professor and Undergraduate Advisor

Office: 402C HRBB
Phone: 979.845.3839
Email: furuta@cse.tamu.edu

Georghiades, Costas

Costas N. Georghiades

Delbert A. Whitaker Endowed Chair Professor
Senior Associate Vice President for Research

Office: ADMN 312, WEB 301S
Phone: 979.845.7408
Email: georghiades@tamu.edu


Paul Gratz

Associate Professor

Office: WEB 333M
Phone: 979.488.4551
Email: pgratz@tamu.edu

Image of Guofei Gu 2016.jpg

Guofei Gu

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 502C
Phone: 979.845.2475
Email: guofei@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Gutierrez-Osuna

Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna


Office: 506A HRBB
Phone: 979.845.2942
Email: rgutier@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Tracy Hammond

Tracy Anne Hammond


Office: 330A TEAG
Phone: 979.862.4284
Email: hammond@cse.tamu.edu


I-Hong Hou

Assistant Professor

Office: WEB 334C
Phone: 979.862.1092
Email: ihou@tamu.edu


Jiang Hu

Co-Director of Graduate Programs

Office: WEB 333L
Phone: 979.847.8768
Email: jianghu@tamu.edu


Garng M. Huang


Office: WEB 320E
Phone: 979.845.7476
Email: ghuang@tamu.edu

Image of Sunil Khatri

Sunil Khatri


Office: WEB 333F
Phone: 979.845.8371
Email: sunilkhatri@tamu.edu

Image of Eun Jung Kim

Eun Jung Kim

Associate Professor and Chair of Ph.D. Admissions

Office: 338B HRBB
Phone: 979.845.3660
Email: ejkim@cse.tamu.edu

Image of PR Kumar

P.R. Kumar

College of Engineering Chair in Computer Engineering
Distinguished Professor

Office: WEB 331E
Phone: 979.862.3376
Email: prk@tamu.edu

Image of Teresa Leyk 2016.jpg

Teresa Leyk

Senior Lecturer

Office: 317AA TEAG
Phone: 979.845.4456
Email: teresa19@tamu.edu

Image of Peng Li

Peng Li


Office: WEB 334J
Phone: 979.845.1612
Email: pli@tamu.edu

Image of Jyh-Charn Liu 2016

Jyh-Charn (Steve) Liu


Office: 502B HRBB
Phone: 979.845.8739
Email: liu@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Dmitri Loguinov

Dmitri Loguinov


Office: 515C HRBB
Phone: 979.845.0512
Email: dmitri@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Mi Lu

Mi Lu


Office: WEB 332E
Phone: 979.845.3749
Email: mlu@ece.tamu.edu

Image of Rabi Mahapatra

Rabi N. Mahapatra

Professor and Chair of M.S. Admissions

Office: 520B HRBB
Phone: 979.845.5787
Email: rabi@cse.tamu.edu


Scott L. Miller

Debbie and Dennis Segers '75 Professor
Co-Director of Graduate Programs

Office: WEB 310B
Phone: 979.862.8744
Email: smiller@tamu.edu

Murphy 2017

Robin Murphy

Raytheon Professor

Office: 333 HRBB
Phone: 979.845.8737
Email: murphy@cse.tamu.edu

Narayanan, Krishna

Krishna Narayanan

Eric D. Rubin ’06 Professor

Office: WEB 334K
Phone: 979.862.2691
Email: krn@tamu.edu


Nick Duffield


Office: 332D WEB
Phone: 979.845.7328
Email: duffieldng@tamu.edu

Image of Lawrence Rauschwerger

Lawrence Rauchwerger

Eppright Professor

Office: 417A HRBB
Phone: 979.845.8872
Email: rwerger@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Narasimha Reddy

Narasimha Reddy

Associate Dean for Research
Associate Agency Director for Strategic Initiatives and Centers (Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station)
J.W. Runyon, Jr. '35 Professor I

Office: WEB 333J
Phone: 979.845.7598
Email: reddy@tamu.edu

Erchin Serpedin

Erchin Serpedin


Office: WEB 310MC&B
Phone: 979.458.2287
Email: eserpedin@tamu.edu

Srinivas Shakkottai

Srinivas Shakkottai

Associate Professor

Office: WEB 332C
Phone: 979.458.0094
Email: sshakkot@tamu.edu


Weiping Shi


Office: WEB 333K
Phone: 979.845.3820
Email: wshi@tamu.edu


Alex Sprintson


Office: WEB 334G
Phone: 979.458.0092
Email: spalex@ece.tamu.edu

Image of Radu Stoleru

Radu Stoleru

Associate Professor

Office: 311C HRBB
Phone: 979.862.8349
Email: stoleru@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Duncan Hank Walker

Duncan M. "Hank" Walker

Professor and Graduate Advisor

Office: 515B HRBB
Phone: 979.862.4387
Email: walker@cse.tamu.edu

Welch web 2017

Jennifer Welch

Chevron Professor II, Regents Professor

Office: 425G HRBB
Phone: 979.845.5076
Email: welch@cse.tamu.edu

Image of Zixiang Xiong

Zixiang Xiong


Office: WEB 334H
Phone: 979.862.8683
Email: zixiang-xiong@tamu.edu

Image of Xi Zhang

Xi Zhang


Office: WEB 331D
Phone: 979.458.1416
Email: xizhang@tamu.edu