Lab and Office Access Form

Print and complete this form for key or card access to Biomedical Engineering labs and offices

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Required Safety Trainings

In order to gain access to a biomedical engineering laboratory please follow these instructions for completion of the required safety trainings.

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Hazard Communication Training Record

This record must be completed for access to research facilities.

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BL2 Access Instructions

Follow these instructions for access to shared BL2 laboratories.

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Texas A&M Lab Safety Manual

The TAMU Lab Safety Manual, Revised November 2016

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Laser Safety Program Manual

The Laser Safety Program Manual, Revised April 2017

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Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Guidelines for the disposal of biohazardous waste.

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Chemical Waste Disposal

Instructions for chemical waste disposal and hazardous waste tag completion.

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Shared Labs Independent Safety Manual

Basic laboratory requirements for Biomedical Engineering shared laboratories.

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Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact: Call 911