Biomedical Engineering is devoted to the entire scope of medical intervention including engineering based research on fundamental physiology and pathophysiology, research on new technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic devices, and the development and design of new medical devices. Biomedical engineering at Texas A&M University is one of the oldest academic programs in the United States.

Our research activities cover many areas of biomedical engineering, with unique strengths in cardiovascular biomechanics, biomedical optics,and biomaterials. Although our faculty have broad interests and capabilities, the main thrusts of our graduate programs are in the areas of biomedical optical sensing and imaging, biomechanics, including emphasis on mechanobiology — the response of the biological system to stress. Research in each of these areas occurs at the whole body, tissue, cellular and molecular levels.

Featured Research

Cardiac Mechanics

Cardiac Mechanics

Dr. John Criscione

Pushing the Boundaries of MRI

Pushing the Boundaries of MRI

Dr. Mary McDougall

Plugging Aneurysms with Polymers

Plugging Anuerysms with Polymers

Dr. Duncan Maitland