Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Track Courses

Required Courses (select 6-15 hours)

BMEN 480 Biomedical Engineering of Tissues
BMEN 482 Polymeric Biomaterials
BMEN 483 Polymeric Biomaterial Synthesis
BMEN 486 Biomedical Nanotechnology
BMEN 487 Drug Delivery

Track Courses (select 0-9 hours)

BMEN 291/491* Research w/Biomaterials Focus (subject to track coordinator approval)
CHEM 466 Polymer Chemistry
CHEN 451 Introduction to Polymer Engineering
MEEN 458 Processing & Characterization of Polymers
MSEN 410 Materials Processing
MSEN 420 Polymer Science

Other Courses (select 0-3 hours)

BMEN 404 FDA Good Laboratory and Clinical Practices
BMEN 406 Medical Device Path to Market
BMEN 469 Entrepreneurial Issues in BMEN
BMEN 4XX BMEN Elective (subject to approval)
CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry II
ENGR 381 ESP Seminar
ENGR 385 Co-Op
VTPB 410 Cell Mechanisms of Disease
VTPP 401 History of Medicine in Europe

Track Coordinators

Dr. AlgeDr. Cosgriff-Hernandez, Dr. GaharwarDr. GrunlanDr. D. Maitland, and Dr. McShane



No more than 3 hours of BMEN 291/491 will count towards technical elective requirements.

Proposed deviations from the required courses, track courses, and other courses from sections above must be approved in advance by a Track Coordinator and the Director of Undergraduate Programs.