Bioinstrumentation and Bioimaging Track Courses

Required Courses (select 9 hours)

BMEN 322 Biosignal Analysis
BMEN 401 Principles and Analysis of Biological Control Systems
BMEN 428 Microcontrollers & Communication in Medicine

Track Courses (select 3-6 hours)

BMEN 291/491 Research with Instrumentation Focus (subject to approval)
BMEN 402 Biomedical Optics Laboratory
BMEN 422 Biomedical Electromagnetics
BMEN 425 Biophotonics I
BMEN 427 MR Engineering Lab
BMEN 448 Healthcare Technology in the Developing World
ECEN 411 Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Megnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
ECEN 412 Ultrasound Imaging
ECEN 414 Biosensors
ECEN 447 Digital Image Processing

Other Courses (select 0-3 hours)

BMEN 404 FDA Good Laboratory and Clinical Practices
BMEN 406 Medical Device Path to Market
BMEN 469 Entrepreneurial Issues in BMEN
BMEN 4XX BMEN Elective (subject to approval)
CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry II
ENGR 381 ESP Seminar
ENGR 385 Co-Op
VTPB 410 Cell Mechanisms of Disease
VTPP 401 History of Medicine in Europe

Track Coordinators

Dr. ApplegateDr. Coté, Dr. JafariDr. JoDr. K. Maitland, Dr. McDougallDr. Yakovlev, and Dr. Yeh


*No more than 3 hours of BMEN 291/491 will count towards technical elective requirements.

Proposed deviations from the required courses, track courses, and other courses must be approved in advance by both a Track Coordinator and the Director of Undergraduate Programs.