Thomas Strganac


Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

Engineering Honors Coordinator for Aerospace Engineering

Thomas Strganac

Office: HRBB 743C
Phone: 979.845.1694
Fax: 979.845.6051

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Research Interests

  • Aeroelasticity
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics


  • Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1987
  • M.S., Texas A&M University, 1980
  • B.S., North Carolina State University, 1977

Selected Publications

A Modern Course in Aeroelasticity, Dowell, E.H., Curtiss, H.C., Jr., Scanlan, R.H., Sisto, F., Edwards, J. and Strganac, T.W., Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, MA, 3rd Edition, 2004, in print.

Introduction to Flight Test Engineering, D.T. Ward and T.W. Strganac, Kendall-Hunt, Iowa, 2nd Edition, 2002.

Wind Study for High Altitude Platform Design, T. W., NASA Reference Publication No. 1044, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, December 1979.

Beran, P.S. and Strganac, T.W., Kim*, K. and Nichkawde*, C., "Studies of Store-Induced Limit Cycle Oscillations Using a Model with Full System Nonlinearities", Nonlinear Dynamics, No. 37, 2004, pp. 323-339.

Platanitis*, G. and Strganac, T.W., "Suppression of Control Reversal Using Leading and Trailing Edge Control Surfaces", Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, accepted - to appear.

Thompson*, D.E., Jr. and Strganac, T.W., "Nonlinear Analysis of Store-Induced Limit Cycle Oscillations", Nonlinear Dynamics, accepted - to appear. (invited)

Platanitis*, G. and Strganac, T.W., "Control of A Wing Section with Nonlinearities Using Leading and Trailing Edge Control Surfaces", Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 52-58, 2004.

Kurdila, A.J., Li, J., Strganac, T.W., and Webb*, G., "Nonlinear Control Methodologies for Hysteresis in PZT Actuated On-Blade Elevons", Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp. 167-176, October 2003.

Gilliatt*, H.C., Strganac, T.W., and Kurdila, A.J., "An Investigation of Internal Resonance in Aeroelastic Systems", Nonlinear Dynamics, No.31, 2003, pp. 1-22.

Dowell, E., Edwards, J., and Strganac, T.W., "Nonlinear Aeroelasticity", AIAA Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 40, No. 5, 2003, 857-874. (invited)