T Alfriend

Terry Alfriend

University Distinguished Professor
TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: HRBB 727A
Phone: 831.648.1772
Email: alfriend@tamu.edu

Adrienko Web

Daniil Andrienko

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 616D
Phone: 979.845.4081
Email: daniila@tamu.edu

Moble Benedict

Moble Benedict

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 741C
Phone: 979.458.2705
Email: benedict@tamu.edu

Amine Benzerga

Amine Benzerga

Director, Center for Intelligent Materials and Structures (CiMMS)

Office: HRBB 736C
Phone: 979.845.1602
Email: benzerga@tamu.edu

Raktim Bhattacharya

Raktim Bhattacharya

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 727C
Phone: 979.862.2914
Email: raktim@tamu.edu

R Bowersox 2016 Ue

Rodney Bowersox

Department Head
Director, TAMU National Aerothermochemistry Laboratory
Holder of the Ford Motor Co. Design Professorship I

Office: HRBB 710
Phone: 979.845.4184
Email: bowersox@tamu.edu

Jim Boyd

Jim Boyd

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Office: HRBB 707
Phone: 979.220.1211
Email: jgboyd@tamu.edu

Suman Chakravorty

Suman Chakravorty

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 741A
Phone: 979.458.0064
Email: schakrav@tamu.edu

Image Of Chamitoff

Gregory Chamitoff

Professor of Engineering Practice
Director, AeroSpace Technology, Research & Operations (ASTRO) Center

Office: HRBB 746B
Phone: 979.862.3413
Email: chamitoff@tamu.edu

Paul Cizmas

Paul Cizmas


Office: HRBB 631B
Phone: 979.845.5952
Email: cizmas@tamu.edu

D Donzis 2016 Ue

Diego Donzis

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 605
Phone: 979.862.2427
Email: donzis@tamu.edu

Dunbar For Web

Bonnie J. Dunbar

TEES Distinguished Research Professor
Director of TEES Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation (IEEI)

Office: HRBB 609B
Phone: 979.845.4286
Email: bjdunbar@tamu.edu

Harry Elmendorf

Harry Elmendorf

Associate Professor of Engineering Practice

Office: HRBB 741D
Phone: 979.845.0714
Email: harryelmo@tamu.edu

Alexandros Gerakis

Research Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 620C
Phone: 979.845.5642
Email: agerakis@tamu.edu

Sharath Girimaji

Sharath Girimaji

Department Head, Department of Ocean Engineering
Wofford Cain Chair II
Joint Faculty - Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Chief Scientist, ASTRO Center
Faculty Advisor, High Altitude Balloon Club

Office: HRBB 744D
Phone: 979.845.1674
Email: girimaji@tamu.edu

K Hara 2016 Ue

Kentaro Hara

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 607A
Phone: 979.862.1660
Email: khara@tamu.edu

D Hartl 2016 Ue

Darren Hartl

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 745
Phone: 979.862.7087
Email: darren.hartl@tamu.edu

J Hurtado 2016 Ue

John Hurtado

Associate Dean, Engineering Academic & Student Affairs

Office: HRBB 722A
Phone: 979.845.1659
Email: jehurtado@tamu.edu

Image of John Junkins

John Junkins

Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Regents Professor
Holder of the Royce E. Wisenbaker Chair
Director, Hagler Institute for Advanced Study (HAS)

Office: JK Williams 305
Phone: 979.458.4992
Email: junkins@tamu.edu


Ibrahim Karaman

Joint Faculty - Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chevron Professor I

Office: MEOB 503
Phone: 979.862.3923
Email: ikaraman@tamu.edu

A Karpetis 2016 Ue

Adonios Karpetis

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 607C
Phone: 979.458.4301
Email: karpetis@tamu.edu

V Kinra 2016 Ue

Vikram Kinra

Director of Graduate Programs
Director of Teaching Fellows Program

Office: HRBB 739
Phone: 979.845.1667
Email: kinra@tamu.edu

Kulatilaka 300

Waruna Kulatilaka

Joint Faculty - Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor

Office: MEOB 407
Phone: 979.458.2885
Email: waruna.kulatilaka@tamu.edu

Image of Dimitris Lagoudas

Dimitris Lagoudas

Senior Associate Dean for Research
University Distinguished Professor
John and Bea Slattery Chair Professor
Associate Vice Chancellor for Engineering Research
Deputy Director, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Office: HRBB 602B
Phone: 979.458.1378
Email: d-lagoudas@tamu.edu

Image Of Reza Langari

Reza Langari

Joint Faculty - Dept. Head, Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution

Office: FERM 107
Phone: 979.862.4945
Email: rlangari@tamu.edu

Jean Briac Le Graverend

Jean-Briac le Graverend

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 743D
Phone: 979.845.1703
Email: jblegraverend@tamu.edu

Chris Limbach Web

Christopher Limbach

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 604
Phone: 979.845.1153
Email: climbach@tamu.edu

W Lutz 2016 Ue

Wayne Lutz

Associate Professor of Engineering Practice

Office: HRBB 743A
Phone: 979.847.8852
Email: wlutz@tamu.edu

Mabe James Web

Jim Mabe

Visiting Scholar

Office: HRBB 620A
Phone: 979.845.7806
Email: jim.mabe@tamu.edu


Manoranjan Majji

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 727D
Phone: 979.845.3912
Email: mmajji@tamu.edu

Miles Web

Richard Miles

TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: HRBB 607B
Phone: 979.458.2534
Email: rmiles@tamu.edu

D Mortari 2016 Ue

Daniele Mortari

Chief Space Scientist, AeroSpace Technology, Research & Operations (ASTRO) Center

Office: HRBB 746C
Phone: 979.845.0734
Email: mortari@tamu.edu

M Naraghi 2016 Ue

Mohammad Naraghi

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 743B
Phone: 979.862.3323
Email: Naraghi@tamu.edu


Tom Pollock

Senior Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 744A
Phone: 979.845.1686
Email: pollock@tamu.edu

Poludnenko 2 Web

Alexei Poludnenko

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 616B
Phone: 979.845.4891
Email: apoludn@tamu.edu


J. N. Reddy

Joint Faculty - Mechanical Engineering
Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Chair
Regents Professor
Distinguished Professor

Office: MEOB 404
Phone: 979.862.2417
Email: jnreddy@tamu.edu

Reed 2017

Helen Reed

Professor and Holder of the Edward "Pete" Aldridge '60 Professorship
Regents Professor
Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence
Director, AggieSat Lab Satellite Program
Director, Computational Stability & Transition Lab

Office: HRBB 611B
Phone: 979.845.7178
Email: helen.reed@tamu.edu

Jacques Richard

Jacques Richard

Senior Lecturer

Office: HRBB 744C
Phone: 979.845.3916
Email: richard@tamu.edu

William Saric

William Saric

University Distinguished Professor
George Eppright '26 Chair in Engineering

Office: HRBB 602C
Phone: 979.862.1749
Email: saric@tamu.edu

Marlan Scully

Joint Faculty - Distinguished Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Director, IQSE
Director, CTP
TEES Distinguished Research Chair

Office: MPHY 566
Phone: 979.862.2333
Email: scully@tamu.edu

K Shryock 2016 Ue

Kristi Shryock

Associate Department Head
Associate Professor of Instruction

Office: HRBB 719B
Phone: 979.845.0735
Email: kshryock@tamu.edu

Robert Skelton 2017 Web

Robert Skelton

TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: HRBB 722B
Phone: 979.845.3947
Email: bobskelton@tamu.edu

Image of John Slattery

John Slattery

Visiting Scholar/Professor

Email: slattery@tamu.edu

Thomas Strganac

Thomas Strganac

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator
Engineering Honors Coordinator for Aerospace Engineering

Office: HRBB 743C
Phone: 979.845.1694
Email: strag@tamu.edu

F Strouboulis 2016 Ue

Theofanis Strouboulis


Office: HRBB 736B
Phone: 979.845.1676
Email: strouboulis@tamu.edu

Ramesh Talreja

Ramesh Talreja

Tenneco Professor

Office: HRBB 736A
Phone: 979.458.3256
Email: talreja@tamu.edu

Tichenor Web

Nathan Tichenor

Research Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 616A
Phone: 979.845.4938
Email: ntichenor@tamu.edu

Albina Tropina Web

Albina Tropina

Research Professor

Office: HRBB 607D
Phone: 979.845.0716
Email: atropina@tamu.edu

Rao Vadali

Srinivas Rao Vadali


Office: HRBB 727B
Phone: 979.845.3918
Email: svadali@tamu.edu

Valasek Web 2016

John Valasek

Professor and Holder of the Thaman Professorship
Director, Center for Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Systems (CANVASS)
Director, Vehicle Systems & Control Laboratory

Office: HRBB 719C
Phone: 979.845.1685
Email: valasek@tamu.edu

Jay R. Walton

Joint Faculty - Mathematics Joint Professor

Office: BLOC 631B
Phone: 979.845.7242
Email: jay-walton@tamu.edu

John Whitcomb

John Whitcomb


Office: HRBB 724
Phone: 979.845.4006
Email: jdw@tamu.edu

E White 2016 Ue

Edward White

Associate Department Head

Office: HRBB 706
Phone: 979.862.6446
Email: ebw@tamu.edu

Zi Jing Wong Web

Zi Jing Wong

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 616C
Phone: 979.845.3289
Email: zijing@tamu.edu

Robyn Wollands Web

Robyn Woollands

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office: NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Grove Dr, CA 91109
Phone: 818.354.0919
Email: robyn.m.woollands@jpl.nasa.gov