T Alfriend

Terry Alfriend

University Distinguished Professor
TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: HRBB 727A
Phone: 831.648.1772
Email: alfriend@tamu.edu

Moble Benedict

Moble Benedict

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 746A
Phone: 979.458.2705
Email: benedict@tamu.edu

Amine Benzerga

Amine Benzerga

Director, Center for Intelligent Materials and Structures (CiMMS)

Office: HRBB 736C
Phone: 979.845.1602
Email: benzerga@tamu.edu

Raktim Bhattacharya

Raktim Bhattacharya

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 727C
Phone: 979.862.2914
Email: raktim@tamu.edu

R Bowersox 2016 Ue

Rodney Bowersox

Department Head
Director, TAMU National Aerothermochemistry Laboratory
Holder of the Ford Motor Co. Design Professorship I

Office: HRBB 710
Phone: 979.845.4184
Email: bowersox@tamu.edu

Jim Boyd

Jim Boyd

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Office: HRBB 707
Phone: 979.220.1211
Email: jgboyd@tamu.edu

Suman Chakravorty

Suman Chakravorty

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 741A
Phone: 979.458.0064
Email: schakrav@tamu.edu

Image Of Chamitoff

Gregory Chamitoff

Professor of Engineering Practice
Director, AeroSpace Technology, Research & Operations (ASTRO) Center

Office: HRBB 746B
Phone: 979.862.3413
Email: chamitoff@tamu.edu

Paul Cizmas

Paul Cizmas


Office: HRBB 631B
Phone: 979.845.5952
Email: cizmas@tamu.edu

D Donzis 2016 Ue

Diego Donzis

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 605
Phone: 979.862.2427
Email: donzis@tamu.edu

Dunbar For Web

Bonnie J. Dunbar

TEES Distinguished Research Professor
Director of TEES Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation (IEEI)

Office: HRBB 609B
Phone: 979.845.4286
Email: bjdunbar@tamu.edu

Harry Elmendorf

Harry Elmendorf

Associate Professor of Engineering Practice

Office: HRBB 741D
Phone: 979.845.0714
Email: harryelmo@tamu.edu

Sharath Girimaji

Sharath Girimaji

Department Head, Department of Ocean Engineering
Wofford Cain Chair II
Joint Faculty - Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Chief Scientist, ASTRO Center
Faculty Advisor, High Altitude Balloon Club

Office: HRBB 744D
Phone: 979.845.1674
Email: girimaji@tamu.edu

K Hara 2016 Ue

Kentaro Hara

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 607A
Phone: 979.862.1660
Email: khara@tamu.edu

D Hartl 2016 Ue

Darren Hartl

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 745
Phone: 979.862.7087
Email: darren.hartl@tamu.edu

J Hurtado 2016 Ue

John Hurtado

Associate Dean, Engineering Academic & Student Affairs

Office: HRBB 722A
Phone: 979.845.1659
Email: jehurtado@tamu.edu

Image of John Junkins

John Junkins

Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Regents Professor
Holder of the Royce E. Wisenbaker Chair
Director, Land Air and Space Robotics Laboratory (LASR)
Director, Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study (TIAS)

Office: HRBB 727A
Phone: 979.845.3912
Email: junkins@tamu.edu


Ibrahim Karaman

Joint Faculty - Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chevron Professor I

Office: MEOB 503
Phone: 979.862.3923
Email: ikaraman@tamu.edu

A Karpetis 2016 Ue

Adonios Karpetis

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 607C
Phone: 979.458.4301
Email: karpetis@tamu.edu

V Kinra 2016 Ue

Vikram Kinra

Director of Graduate Programs
Director of Teaching Fellows Program

Office: HRBB 739
Phone: 979.845.1667
Email: kinra@tamu.edu

Kulatilaka 300

Waruna Kulatilaka

Joint Faculty - Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor

Office: MEOB 407
Phone: 979.458.2885
Email: waruna.kulatilaka@tamu.edu

Image of Dimitris Lagoudas

Dimitris Lagoudas

Senior Associate Dean for Research
University Distinguished Professor
John and Bea Slattery Chair Professor
Associate Vice Chancellor for Engineering Research
Deputy Director, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Office: HRBB 602B
Phone: 979.458.1378
Email: d-lagoudas@tamu.edu

Image Of Reza Langari

Reza Langari

Joint Faculty - Dept. Head, Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution

Office: FERM 107
Phone: 979.862.4945
Email: rlangari@tamu.edu

Jean Briac Le Graverend

Jean-Briac le Graverend

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 743D
Phone: 979.845.1703
Email: jblegraverend@tamu.edu

Chris Limbach Web

Christopher Limbach

Research Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 602D
Phone: 979.845.1153
Email: climbach@tamu.edu

W Lutz 2016 Ue

Wayne Lutz

Associate Professor of Engineering Practice

Office: HRBB 743A
Phone: 979.847.8852
Email: wlutz@tamu.edu


Manoranjan Majji

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 727D
Phone: 979.845.3912
Email: mmajji@tamu.edu

Miles Web

Richard Miles

TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: HRBB 607B
Phone: 979.458.2534
Email: rmiles@tamu.edu

D Mortari 2016 Ue

Daniele Mortari

Chief Space Scientist, AeroSpace Technology, Research & Operations (ASTRO) Center

Office: HRBB 746C
Phone: 979.845.0734
Email: mortari@tamu.edu

M Naraghi 2016 Ue

Mohammad Naraghi

Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 743B
Phone: 979.862.3323
Email: Naraghi@tamu.edu


Tom Pollock

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 741B
Phone: 979.845.1686
Email: pollock@tamu.edu

Poludnenko 2 Web

Alexei Poludnenko

Associate Professor

Office: HRBB 616B
Phone: 979.845.4891
Email: apoludn@tamu.edu


J. N. Reddy

Joint Faculty - Mechanical Engineering
Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Chair
Regents Professor
Distinguished Professor

Office: MEOB 404
Phone: 979.862.2417
Email: jnreddy@tamu.edu

H Reed 2016

Helen Reed

Professor and Holder of the Edward "Pete" Aldridge '60 Professorship
Regents Professor
Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence
Director, AggieSat Lab Satellite Program
Director, Computational Stability & Transition Lab

Office: HRBB 611B
Phone: 979.845.7178
Email: helen.reed@tamu.edu

Jacques Richard

Jacques Richard

Senior Lecturer

Office: HRBB 744C
Phone: 979.845.3916
Email: richard@tamu.edu

William Saric

William Saric

Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Director, Flight Research Laboratory
George Eppright '26 Chair in Engineering

Office: HRBB 602C
Phone: 979.862.1749
Email: saric@tamu.edu

Marlan Scully

Joint Faculty - Distinguished Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Director, IQSE
Director, CTP
TEES Distinguished Research Chair

Office: MPHY 566
Phone: 979.862.2333
Email: scully@tamu.edu

K Shryock 2016 Ue

Kristi Shryock

Associate Professor of Instruction

Office: HRBB 741C
Phone: 979.845.0735
Email: kshryock@tamu.edu

Robert Skelton 2017 Web

Robert Skelton

TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: HRBB 722B
Phone: 979.845.3947
Email: bobskelton@tamu.edu

Image of John Slattery

John Slattery

Visiting Scholar/Professor

Email: slattery@tamu.edu

Thomas Strganac

Thomas Strganac

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator
Engineering Honors Coordinator for Aerospace Engineering

Office: HRBB 743C
Phone: 979.845.1694
Email: strag@tamu.edu

F Strouboulis 2016 Ue

Theofanis Strouboulis


Office: HRBB 736B
Phone: 979.845.1676
Email: strouboulis@tamu.edu

Ramesh Talreja

Ramesh Talreja

Tenneco Professor

Office: HRBB 736A
Phone: 979.458.3256
Email: talreja@tamu.edu

Tichenor Web

Nathan Tichenor

Research Assistant Professor

Office: HRBB 616A
Phone: 979.845.4938
Email: ntichenor@tamu.edu

Albina Tropina Web

Albina Tropina

Research Professor

Office: HRBB 607D
Phone: 979.845.0716
Email: atropina@tamu.edu

Rao Vadali

Srinivas Rao Vadali


Office: HRBB 727B
Phone: 979.845.3918
Email: svadali@tamu.edu

Valasek Web 2016

John Valasek

Professor and Holder of the Thaman Professorship
Director, Center for Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Systems (CANVASS)
Director, Vehicle Systems & Control Laboratory

Office: HRBB 719C
Phone: 979.845.1685
Email: valasek@tamu.edu

Jay R. Walton

Joint Faculty - Mathematics Joint Professor

Office: BLOC 631B
Phone: 979.845.7242
Email: jay-walton@tamu.edu

John Whitcomb

John Whitcomb


Office: HRBB 724
Phone: 979.845.4006
Email: jdw@tamu.edu

E White 2016 Ue

Edward White

Associate Professor
Associate Department Head

Office: HRBB 706
Phone: 979.862.6446
Email: ebw@tamu.edu

Dr Ahmadbaniyounes New

Ahmad Bani Younes

Adjunct Faculty - Assistant Professor

Office: PO Box 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: 971 (02) 447.2442
Email: olalahmad_1@tamu.edu