Advisory Board

The Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board promotes the continuous improvement of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University. Members serve on committees focusing on the undergraduate program, the graduate and research programs, outreach programs, former student programs, and development. Its members are nominated from a variety of sources and selected by the department head to serve three-year terms. The Advisory Board holds formal meetings twice a year.

NameCompany Name
EADC ImageHarry Barnard Lockheed Martin Missles and Fire Control
EADC ImageMichael S. Beck Lockheed Martin Corporation
EADC ImageDavid S. Bodden Retired - Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
EADC ImagePaul Fenley ATEC, Inc.
EADC ImageSteven Fitzgerald Intuitive Machines
EADC ImageAnurag Gupta Vestas, Inc.
Image Of KhelmsKayleen L. Helms, PhD Intel Corporation
EADC ImagePaul Hill NASA Johnson Space Center
EADC ImageJim Hirsch Air Tractor, Inc.
EADC ImageKen Homeyer Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.
EADC ImageKirk M. Kloeppel Modern Technology Solutions
EADC ImageSteven C. Komadina Northrop Grumman Corporation
EADC ImageBill Linn Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
EADC ImageDavid Lund VMS Phantom Works, The Boeing Company
EADC ImageG. Dwayne Orr Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility
EADC ImageJerry Petersen L-3 Unmanned Systems
EADC ImageMerri J. Sanchez, PhD Sierra Nevada Corporation
EADC ImageJohn Schillings Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
EADC ImageMichael Slack Slack & Davis, L.L.C.
EADC ImageChad Sparks Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
EADC ImageJames Trebes Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory
EADC ImageBradley Worsham Retired - BIT Systems, Inc.