Computer Lab Rules

Access to the computer labs and the equipment therein is limited to those who have paid the proper equipment access fee. The following rules apply to the computer lab:

The following rules apply to the Aerospace computer labs

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the computer lab, except for designated area.
  2. Do not admit anyone into the computer lab (each person must use his/her student id to enter the computer lab).
  3. Do not prop the computer lab doors open or otherwise defeat the security system.
  4. Use of the computer lab is for scholastic activities only (i.e. no game playing).
  5. You are responsible for keeping the lab clean. Put all trash in a trashcan and replace your chair under the desk when not in use.
  6. Do not install software on the lab computers without approval.
  7. No signs, banners, or other objects may be affixed to the lab walls, ceilings, workstations, etc without express approval of the system administration. (unauthorized items will be removed)

Additional University Rules for Responsible Computing

University Rule 29.01.03.M2 - Rules for Responsible Computing

  1. Do not allow anyone else to access the Aero Dept. Network with your User Name and Password. This applies to any computer access (internal or external) to the department.
  2. Do not use the lab computers to copy or distribute copyrighted materials.
  3. Do not intentionally damage, misuse, or otherwise render non-functional any of this computer equipment (hardware or software).
  4. Do not use the computers hardware or software with malicious intent (e.g. accessing someone else's files without permission, tampering with the computers or setup of the computers).

Consequences of rule violations will include but not be limited to:

Closure of the Aerospace Computer lab (for Aero rules 1-5)

First offense Closed for all users during the non business hours on a scheduled day.
Second offense Closed for all users for a 24 hour period on a scheduled day.
Third offense Immediate closure for all users for a 24 hour period.
Fourth offense The computer lab will no longer be open continuously and will only be available while computer support personnel are present for the remainder of the semester.

Loss of individual computer lab privileges (for Aero rule 6 & 7 and University Rules).

Expulsion from the University and/or Legal Action. (for University Rules).

Lab courtesy guidelines

  1. If someone has work to do and you are not using a computer for schoolwork related activities (e.g., you are "surfing the Web" for entertainment) you must allow that person to use the machine.
  2. You are responsible for you own backups. No backups will be made of user files on the file servers.
  3. Log off when you are finished with the computer.
  4. Do not disturb your neighbors. Excessive loud noise, music, horseplay, etc. can result in suspension of lab privileges.
  5. You are responsible for all personal belongings left unsecured in the computer lab. All unattended/abandoned items will be placed in the lost and found in room 615.

In other words, conduct yourselves in a professional manner. These rules have been implemented due to previous failure of the student body to conduct itself professionally.

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