Financial Aid, Fees, and Deadlines

Students in the Engineering Academy at Blinn-Bryan (TEAB) seeking to apply for financial aid will submit their FAFSA to Texas A&M University and apply for financial aid with Texas A&M University as their home institution. Specific information is available on the Texas A&M Financial Aid website for undergraduate students. As per the Engineering Academy agreement, the combined credit hours from both Blinn College and Texas A&M University will be used to assess enrollment status required for financial aid.  Students in the TEAB program can apply for freshman and continuing student scholarships through Texas A&M University following all scholarship requirements and deadlines.  Specific information and application deadlines are available on the Texas A&M University Scholarships website.  

Tuition and fees associated with the Engineering Academy program are handled separately by Blinn College-Bryan and Texas A&M University. Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program are billed by each institution based on the number of credit hours taken, respectively. Additional information on tuition/fees for Texas A&M University can be found using the Student Business Services tuition estimator. Information on tuition/fees for Blinn College can be found in the college catalog.

Students electing to use the Texas Tomorrow Fund are encouraged to contact Texas A&M Student Business Services and the Business Office at Blinn College.