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What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is an engineering discipline devoted to the design, installation, improvement and control of integrated systems of people, materials and facilities in a wide range of organizations that produce goods or render services.

What do Industrial Engineers do?

Like other engineering fields, industrial engineering is concerned with solving problems through the application of specialized knowledge in mathematics. An important characteristic of industrial engineering is its system approach to integrate the basic resources of production, people, information, energy and other relevant resources to create a smooth, efficient and competitive operation.

Industrial engineers are needed in virtually all enterprises engaged in product design, process planning and scheduling.

Where do Industrial Engineers work?

Graduates from our program have found employment in manufacturing industries, health care, engineering consulting firms, financial institutions, transportation companies, government and military agencies, and construction firms.

Why study Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M?

Our program is one of the finest in the United States. In major polls we consistently rank among the Top 10 departments in the nation.

We have strong teaching and research programs in manufacturing and supply chain, service systems, quality management, operations research, system simulation and transportation systems. We also have a strong outreach program that works directly with industry to provide the latest research developments that are both state-of-the-art and applied.