Course Plan

The Master of Engineering in Engineering is a 30-credit hour degree. Students earning this degree with a focused study in cybersecurity will meet these requirements:

  • Three core curriculum courses that lay the foundation for cybersecurity (9 credit hours). See chart below for the list of core curriculum courses.
  • Four directed electives that enable the student to link cybersecurity to discipline-specific areas of study (12 credit hours). Two of these electives must be chosen from a list (see chart below); the remaining two are at the student’s discretion with program advisor’s approval.
  • Presently, directed electives are available in the following discipline-specific areas: computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering.
  • Three focused track concentration courses (9 credit hours)
  • Free electives are to be selected with your faculty advisor (6 credit hours)

Cybersecurity Core

Courses in the core curriculum will be available beginning in spring 2018.

Course listingCross-listCross-listCourse NameHoursProfessorSemester Offered
CYBR 6XX CSCE 6XX ECEN 7XX Foundations of Computing 3 TBD Fall 18
CYBR 601 CSCE 701 ECEN 7XX Foundations of Cybersecurity Engineering 3 D. Ragsdale Spring 18
CYBR 601 CSCE 702 ISTM 6XX Cybersecurity Law and Policy 3 P. deWitte Spring 18
Total Credit Hours9 hrs

Cybersecurity Directed Electives (Choose 2)

Course listingCross-listCross-listCourse NameHoursProfessorSemester Offered
CYBR 603 CSCE 703 TBD Cybersecurity Risk Management 3 P. deWitte Spring 18
CSCE 6XX ECEN 7XX TBD Data Analytics for Cybersecurity 3 J. Caverlee Fall 18
CSCE 6XX TBD TBD Digital Forensics Engineering 3 S. Liu Fall 18
CSCE 642 TBD TBD Software Security 3 TBD TBD
Total Credit Hours6 hrs

Concentration Areas (Choose 3)

Course listingCross-listCross-listCourse NameHoursProfessorSemester Offered
CSCE 6XX Various TBD Diciplinary Specific Cybersecurity Courses 3 TBD Fall 18
INTA 689 CYBR 660 TBD Cybersecurity Literacy in the Global Arena 3 T. Jones Spring 18
ISTM 635 TBD TBD Business Information Security 3 TBD TBD
ISTM 645 TBD TBD IT Security Controls 3 TBD TBD
ISTM 655 TBD TBD Security Management and Compliance 3 TBD TBD
MATH 673 CSCE 673 TBD Information, Secrecy, and Authentication I 3 TBD TBD
MATH 674 CSCE 674 TBD Information, Secrecy, and Authentication II 3 TBD TBD
PSAA 608 CYBR 661 TBD Cybersecurity for Managers 3 TBD TBD
Total Credit Hours9 hrs


Interdisciplinary Program

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