Engineering Systems Management

The Engineering Systems Management Master of Science from Texas A&M is offered through the college of engineering. This non-thesis program provides students with a comprehensive assemblage of manufacturing management skills.

This program is open to students possessing an undergraduate engineering degree, technical-based business degrees, and analytical science degrees as long as the student’s mathematics background includes calculus and linear/matrix algebra.

The objectives of the 36-hour Engineering Systems Management (ENSM) master’s program are twofold: 

  • First, aspects of the program seek to enhance technical skills in the areas of statistical analysis, decision support systems, economic analysis, simulation analysis, and optimization. These “hard” skills are invaluable to the technical professional when faced with the challenges confronting the modern day enterprise. Supplementing the modeling and analysis areas are courses in finance and accounting. These subject areas are most important to the aspiring manager in that these two areas are powerful drivers of managerial and leadership areas and must be understood in the context of directing the modern enterprise. 
  • Second, the ENSM program emphasizes acquiring knowledge in the so-called “soft” skills. In order to enhance the individual’s likelihood of future advancement the program entails the study of engineering management, project management, and human factors. Within these areas students are exposed to the needed skills that will facilitate advancement within the leadership pipeline. Emphasis is placed on the needed skills and attributes related to managerial and leadership areas that complement the technical skills.

To be successful in the career ladder, it is necessary for engineers to acquire these new skills in addition to maintaining a reasonable level of technical competence. The ENSM program permits students to select up to four elective courses to fit the individual needs of each student. Elective areas include but are not limited to project management, process safety, business related, and other areas with approval.


Dr. Amarnath Banerjee

Erin Roady
Phone: 979.845.5536 


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