Program Structure

The Zachry Leadership Program spans five semesters with one leadership course each semester. The course in each semester is composed of a pre-semester session and a semester portion. The pre-semester sessions are intensive, multi-day events consisting of experiential learning, interactive exercises and dialogue. During the semester, weekly class sessions include instruction, speakers, dialogue, and hands-on learning opportunities. The student workload outside of the classroom is less than a typical semester course because of the credited contact hours earned during the pre-semester sessions.

ENGR 250
ENGR 350
ENGR 351
ENGR 450
ENGR 451
Setting the Stage
Defining leadership and business fundamentals. Exploring what engineers do. Building relationships with each other.
Deepening Understanding
Reflecting on personal leadership qualities and practicing in team environments. Exploring the role business and engineers can play in meeting society’s greatest needs.
Bringing It Together
Applying and reflecting on learnings. Bridging to the future.
Experiential Learning - Reflection - Dialogue - Case Studies - Professional Mentors - Cohort-Based Learning
Communication - Critical Thinking - Teamwork

The chart illustrates that the program content is divided into three main areas: setting the stage with leadership and business fundamentals; obtaining a deeper understanding of leadership and business, and incorporating service; and reflecting on our leadership journeys to this point and thinking about how to apply our learnings as we leave college. Moreover, several elements, like experiential learning and professional mentorship, flow through all five semesters. 


Because much of the learning in this program will result from interaction and experiences, attendance and active engagement are mandatory for all components of the program, including the pre-semester components. Participants will be asked to engage in dialogue, complete reading and writing assignments, and complete a personal leadership project.

Course Descriptions

ENGR 250 Principles of Engineering Leadership (2-2)

ENGR 350 Engineering Leadership and Business Fundamentals (2-2)

These two courses combine to provide students with an understanding of business fundamentals and various leadership models and approaches. Students will participate in a business simulation game and read and discuss business case studies. Students will also be exposed to service projects and non-profit leadership and management fundamentals. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of corporate social responsibility and will begin to learn more about what engineers do. Students will have the opportunity to build strong relationships with their classmates and will begin an inquiry into their own personal leadership qualities and perspective on leadership. Students will keep journals in support of a personal leadership project.

ENGR 351 The Role of Engineering and Business in Society (2-2)

ENGR 450 (2-2) Exploring Your Engineering Leadership Qualities and Perspective (2-2)

These two courses combine to provide students with an understanding of the positive role engineers and businesses can play in meeting society’s greatest needs. Students will explore how engineering is evolving, how engineering education is changing, and what the future will ask of engineers. Students will be exposed to various interdisciplinary learning experiences and a service learning opportunity. Students will deepen their relationships with each other and improve their abilities to communicate and work effectively in teams. They will also deepen their inquiry into their unique leadership perspective and qualities. Students will continue to keep journals in support of their personal leadership project.

ENGR 451 Engineering Leadership Capstone (2-2)

This course provides students with the opportunity to reflect on, talk about, and apply what they are learning in the program, as well as to begin thinking about how they will carry this learning forward into their lives and careers. Students will continue to deepen their exploration into leadership through dialogue, journals, and the culmination of their personal leadership project. Students will provide mentorship to Zachry Leadership Program participants in their first semester of the program (ENGR 250).