Engineering Project Management

The Engineering Project Management certificate is intended to help meet the requirements of industry by educating undergraduate engineering students to understand complex engineering projects, project organizations and project management methods. Students completing this certificate will be able to work effectively in multidisciplinary engineering projects immediately after completion and to advance more rapidly within the project management organization and profession. The management of projects entails technical knowledge, engineering skills and management skills.

The certificate program consists of (4) three-hour courses for a total of 12 credit hours. Two of the courses are technical electives, which can count toward the a B.S. degree depending on the department. Core requirements include CVEN 333 / ISEN 333 / MEEN 333 [Project Management for Engineers] (or departmental equivalent) and MGMT 309 [Survey of Management]. The additional six hours are comprised of one or two engineering electives and up to one management elective in the Mays Business School. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of the B.S. degree in the college of engineering. Completion of the certificate will be recorded on the student's University transcript.


  • Students must complete and submit certificate application to the Certificate Administrator (Engineering Activities Building B) prior to registering for any of the certificate courses.
  • Students shall not receive credit for both CVEN 333 and CVEN 349 towards the certificate or for any combination of cross-listed courses such as CVEN 333, ISEN 333 or MEEN 333.
  • Students must submit a request to Kristi Mora to be registered for the Business Electives.


  • Be in good academic standing within major department.
  • Obtain a "C" or better in each course taken towards certificate program.
  • Achieve an overall GPR of 3.0 in approved certificate program coursework.
  • Meet all requirements for admission to upper division in the student's major department.
  • Submit completion form to the Certificate Administrator (Engineering Activities Building B) upon registering for final course(s).
  • It is recommended that students take 6 hours of coursework above what is required for their degree program.
  • Consult with an academic advisor prior to submitting the application for the certificate.

Course Requirement Summary

3 CVEN 333 / ISEN 333 / MEEN 333 - Project Management for Engineers or CVEN 349 - Civil Engineering Project Management
3 MGMT 309 - Survey of Management
6 Technical Electives (see approved courses below)

Approved Technical Electives (select 1-2 courses)

  • CVEN 405 - Managing Construction Projects and Project Risks
  • CVEN 473 - Engineering Project Estimating and Planning
  • CPSC 431 - Software Engineering
  • CPSC 437 - Engineering Software Projects
  • ISEN 303 - Engineering Economic Analysis
  • ISEN 411 - Engineering Management Techniques
  • PETE 403 - Petroleum Project Evaluation

Approved Business Electives (select 0-1 course)

All MGMT courses (except 452 as noted) require MGMT 309 as the prerequisite.

  • MGMT 372 - Managing Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 373 - Managing Human Resources
  • MGMT 424 - Organizational Design, Change and Development
  • MGMT 452 - International Management (requires MGMT 450 as a pre-/co-requisite)
  • MGMT 460 - Managing Projects
  • MGMT 470 - Small Business Management and Growth

Certificate Courses Accepted by Major

  • Some or all courses may be accepted as technical electives with approval from the respective department.
  • The Civil Engineering Department will accept these courses as technical elective for some majors.
  • The Aerospace Engineering Department will accept 485/491 courses towards degree plans if they are honors as well as ENGR 281 & 381. Students can petition for a 400-level or 600-level course in AERO or another department to count for an AERO technical elective.
  • The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department has one three-hour technical elective and one three-hour engineering elective which could be fulfilled by appropriate courses used toward a certificate program.
  • The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has several 400 level courses which could be used as technical electives for ELEN. Each is reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution - Most any upper level (3xx or 4xx) engineering courses could be accepted as a technical elective.  Students should submit a written request explaining why and how it applies to the program.

Certificate Application and Completion Form

For more information

Dr. John Walewski 
Associate Professor of Practice
Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
705-G CE/TTI Building, 3136
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3136

Phone: (979) 862-5673

Rebecca Simon
Certificate Administrator
Engineering Academic and Student Affairs (EASA)
Texas A&M University
Engineering Activities Building - B
College Station, TX 77843-3127

Phone: (979) 847-8887