Starting with Fall 2014, students are admitted to the College of Engineering with a preference for the major noted on the admissions application. Students follow the first-year engineering curriculum. These changes offer students the freedom to learn about the different engineering majors to better equip them to make informed decisions concerning which engineering discipline is the best fit for their career goals.

The entry-to-a-major (ETAM) process is designed for students to take ownership of their future to identify at least three majors that are a good match for their career goals and academic performance. The general engineering advisors, as well as departmental advisors, are available for questions and advice. Students are encouraged to leverage additional resources, including the career center and departmental faculty to get career advice.  

The ETAM process utilizes a priority method that is designed to place students in the highest rank major possible based upon capacity and student performance. In the case that a student determines that the highest rank major is not a good match, students have the option to pursue a change of curriculum to a different major within the College of Engineering or Texas A&M University.

All majors are open for applications during each entry-to-a-major cycle.

Below are current statistics about the process: 

Class of 2018

  • 100% of eligible engineering students are in a major. 
  • 97% of engineering students are in a major of their choice.

Class of 2019

 After the Spring 2016 ETAM Application Cycle:

  • 100% of eligible engineering students are in a major.  
  • 90% of engineering students are in their first choice major.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their assigned advisor and to view the admitted student profile to ensure they are prepared to apply for their preferred majors.

ETAM Saturday 2017

ETAM Saturday 2017