Introducing the ACE Honors Scholar Program

The Aggie Computer Science and Engineering (ACE) Scholars Program kicked off this
academic year with an informational get-together presented by ACE Scholars Director
Dr. Jennifer Welch, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair Dr. Tom Ioerger and
 Interim Department Head Dr. Nancy M. Amato. The ACE program is designed to engage
bright and inquisitive students in smaller and enriched CSCE courses, year-long
research experiences, monthly seminars and lunches with faculty, meetings with distinguished
visitors to the university, and face-to-face discussions with departmental industrial

ACE Scholars lunch with Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup

An important component of the ACE Scholars program is the undergraduate research
 experience in which students engage in one-on-one research with the department's
honors faculty and are integrated into their research groups. These experiences
prepare students for graduate studies and make them more competitive for graduate
admissions and fellowships. During their junior or senior year, ACE Scholars participate
in the two-semester University Undergraduate Research Scholars program which culminates
in a written Honors Thesis. Students who successfully complete all program requirements
will receive an Honors designation on their transcript.

"This has been a rewarding inaugural year for ACE," said Dr. Welch. "We have approximately
30 students in the program, lots of enthusiasm, and they seem to be enjoying it.
 There's also a lot of interest from perspective freshmen and their parents."

Two ACE Scholars graduated in May; Matthew Barry and Jose Andreas Medina.